The paperless office

Digitisation is coming and is already in full swing. But only a few companies have been able to implement the idea so far. In spite of various softwares, which are supposed to facilitate the paperwork, the consumption does not seem to shrink really.

What advantages does the paperless office offer me?
- Much more space! Elimination of filing cabinets, filing cabinets, binders, etc.
- All data can be accessed centrally in one place and from anywhere
- Manual transport within the organization is eliminated - more efficient processing.
- Environmentally friendly
- More sustainable use of existing resources

What steps are necessary for a paperless office?
A company that wants to become paperless must write down the processes in which paper is used and is created. These processes should be clearly formulated and discussed. They should then be discussed with regard to their necessity (whether purely internal or legal requirements).  
Here is a small list of how to proceed:
- Digitize all existing archived documents and archive them in an appropriate structure.
- Provide sufficient storage space to store documents online via a cloud or on a dedicated server
- Submit all documents electronically
- Designing legally compliant electronic signatures - Topic: Digital signatures
- Destruction of superfluous documents in compliance with data protection regulations
- Install a comprehensive digital document management system and train employees in its use.

We at HSEQ Experts are (almost) paperless - why at all?
As a service provider in the field of HSEQ it is our responsibility to work ecologically and environmentally friendly and thus to be a role model for our customers, suppliers and employees.
At the same time, the paperless office forms the foundation for implementing the concept of the flexible office and thus offering our employees the possibility of no longer being tied to a fixed workplace but being able to work from anywhere. Employees are thus in a position - even from their home office - to work decentrally in different project groups without having to be physically on site.