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Added value by increased productivity

If the work enviroment helps health and well-being along, it will have an effect on the work itself. One will work hard and achieve more. Lived health protection management has a big impact on productivity. These are the best conditions for a healthy company, in true sense of the word.

Health protection and safety are enterpreneurial duties. As HSEQ Experts an all in all support is important to us. An intermeshing between company physician and safety specialist will contribute to it.

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Marco Kischkel

Marco Kischkel

HSE Manager, Health and Safety Coordinator, Fire Protection Officer


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Legally secure and congruent

We consult you on legal foundations and newest scientific knowledge. We include programms from your health insurance, regular insurance and public support. This way a congruent solution for health protection will establish in your company.


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HSEQ Experts Services

  • Assurance of an occupational physician or company physician according to DGUV (german social accident insurance) regulation 2 and provision of external commissioners for your company.
  • Control and improvement of company health protection.
  • Evaluation of working conditions, pressure and risks in context of health protection.
  • Recommendations of actions to improve working conditions.
  • Documentation and monitoring of precautionary and duty medical examinations on professional association guidelines.
  • Risk assessments on psychological pressure at a workspace.