External compliance officer environment

Especially in the field of environmental protection there are many regulations and laws. Our external compliance officers will support you to comply with all relevant standards and ensure a legally secure company.


HSEQ Experts services

We provide external compliance officers in the following fields:

Waste management
The waste representatives of HSEQ Experts assume the control tasks of waste regulations in your company and advise you in sense of §4 BImSchG.

Dangerous goods
If more than 50t of dangerous goods are transported in a year, the legislator prescribes a dangerous goods officer. Pass this duty over to us.

HSE- and specialists for further fields:

  • Safety specialists
  • Fire prevention officer
  • Health and safety coordinators
  • Occupational physician and company physician

Water protection
As company officers according to §64 I WHG we assume all relevant tasks for your water protection and check if all regulations are fulfilled.

Hazardous substances
HSEQ Experts will support you in your enterpreneurial duties which result from the ordinance on hazardous substances. This way we systematically reduce health and accident risks of your employees and prevent environmental damage.