Environmental management

A good environmental management takes the environmental protection in a company holistically into consideration. This is a big task which expands over all departments. Our HSEQ Experts advise and assist you in terms of implementation and realization of environmental protection systems.


Important standards and concepts at a glance

DIN EN ISO 14001
DIN EN ISO 14001 „Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use“ forms the basis for worldwide recognized environmental management systems.
According to the PDCA principle the standard focusses mainly on a continuous improvement process and takes the environmental protection holistically into consideration. The certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001 forms a very good basis for a validation according to EMAS.

Validation according to EMAS
EMAS means „Eco-Management and Audit Scheme“. It is an optional instrument of the european union and is meant to support companies to continuously improve their environmental performance. It is rated as EU quality seal and worldwide most demanding instrument for sustainable environmental management.

National environmental management systems
These systems do not only build on international standards or regulations. Often they focus on saving potential for companies (e.g. in the fields of energy, water, package) which simultaneously reduces the environmental impact. These systems can be used as basis to implement an environmental protection according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and EMAS.

Environmental policy and guideline
The terms „environmental policy“ and „environmental guideline“ are often used synonymously.
An operational environmental policy sets the requirements and objectives on environmental protection of a company on management level. The environmental management system is based on this policy.

Environmental statement
An environmental statement is used to present the commitment of a company in operational environmental protection to others, e.g. stakeholders. It is a requirement for the validation according to EMAS.

HSEQ Expert services

  • Development of environmental guidelines.
  • Development of environmental policies.
  • Assistance whilst certification according to national environmental guidelines and on international level according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and EMAS.