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Acting sustainably

Occupational environmental protection

Sustainability and environmental protection have become firmly established in modern business management. Based on our long-term experience we comprehensively advise you with regard to entrepreneurial environmental protection.

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Together with the HSEQ Experts you comply with the complex legal requirements in terms of environmental protection particularly efficient. These investments in sustainability pay off. You strengthen your business competitiveness, since clients expect a sustainable orientation nowadays. Additionally, you secure better conditions, e.g. with regard to insurances or credits. Last but not least ecological awareness always means an improved image.

Michael Hübscher

EHS Manager, Health and Safety Coordinator


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HSEQ Experts services

  • Construction of measures to optimize your operational environmental protection.
  • Monitoring, documentation and analysis of implemented protective measures.
  • Providing external compliance officers in the fields of waste, water protection, hazardous substances and dangerous goods for the transport modes street (ADR) and sea (IMDG).
  • Prepare certifications for environmental management systems, e.g. according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and EMAS.
  • Assistance in developing an environmental policy or guideline.
  • Development of environmental statements.
  • Determination of relevant environmental aspects.